The insurance industry, and the world, is undergoing dynamic change – Travelers is no exception. We recognize the skills that are critical to our success in a global economy and the overwhelming importance of acquiring a cross section of people whose ideas and views are represented across our company.

Diversifying your workforce requires accountability, the commitment of your people and an unwavering tenacity. At Travelers, we are dedicated to these tenets of Diversity and Inclusion, and we have challenged ourselves to be innovative and to push through boundaries in order to open avenues across race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, marital status, genetic information and sexual orientation.


What makes us different

Some of our programs, like military hiring, have long standing roots. For over ten years, Travelers has partnered with organizations such as American Corporate Partners, a transition mentoring program, as well as Academy Woman, Military Officers Job Opportunity Career Conferences and Veteran Recruiting Virtual Career Fairs all of whom have helped lead the way to identify talent from the armed forces that will continue their successful missions with our company.


What we can do together

Others are grass root movements that have been inspired by our Diversity Networks, such as our recent efforts in proactively hiring people with disabilities. Starting with internal awareness, we have thoughtfully partnered with external state agencies and colleges to create job shadowing opportunities, internships and job training placement programs that serve the needs of candidates across a wide range of disabilities including individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Where we are headed

Of course, investing in our future workforce is never overlooked. Travelers recruits at over 120 Colleges and Universities and is actively engaged with student groups and first generation programs on campus. We leverage a myriad of organizations that help us to reach talent including Grace Hopper, Hartford Promise, Inroads, Gamma Iota Sigma, SheHacks, Posse and InVEST. We are also proud to help place student from our EDGE Scholars Programs throughout our organization.

What Our People Are Saying

“Joining our Diversity Networks has served as a great way to take a step back from my work and acknowledge how fortunate I am to be a part of an organization that celebrates our differences.”

Noot, Sr. Software Programmer

What Our People Are Saying

"My involvement with the Diversity Networks has led to the creation of relationships I wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to cultivate. Life under the umbrella is very fulfilling, the DNs play a big role in that.”

Delpha, Second Vice President, TIS Product & Strategy

What Our People Are Saying

"Each of us has encountered unique life experiences that bring with them unique perspectives. When we become open to listening and learning from one another, we not only generate great ideas, we grow as human beings. I’m proud to be an active part of the Travelers Diversity Networks because I truly believe in the impact they make each and every day.”

Kerry, Senior Project Director