With a reputation for learning & development, proven stability and an eye toward innovation, insurance is a great place to build your career. Dynamic, diverse and ever-changing. There is more to the insurance industry—and to Travelers—than you might have ever imagined.


The insurance industry is changing to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by technology. Innovation is what will propel Travelers forward as a global leader. Think Big Data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and more.


Business leaders have a lot on their minds as well. Each day can bring new challenges that we’re solving – such as cybersecurity, driver and fleet safety, product and services liability, supply chain interruption, workplace safety, facilities and construction sites, cargo shipping, energy costs and more. It’s up to us to provide coverage for all possible mishaps.


From wildfires to ice storms, concerns about extreme weather are universal. Insurers like Travelers must be ready to deal with the impact of earthquakes, floods, hail, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, wildfires and winter storms.


Insurers also help ease customers’ fears about happy times too, by providing special event insurance for weddings and other big celebrations. Insurance can be a very intimate business. We learn about people’s losses and help alleviate their fears.