Lisa Kopitzke
Advanced Analytics Information Technology Center of Excellence Lead
Team Rubicon Disaster Response Volunteer
Army Medic

Lisa spent four years as an Army Medic in Augsburg, Germany and Fort Hood, Texas before joining us here at Travelers. “I was thrilled to be recruited by such a supportive team that acknowledged the discipline and focus I that cultivated in the military,” she says.

“In the active military, I was in the medical field,” Lisa continues. “And there isn’t a day at Travelers that goes by that I don’t draw upon that skill set of helping others and growing in my servant leadership skills. I’m also proud to be member of our Military and Veteran’s Diversity Network and can feel the immense backing of such a large, caring community.”

Lisa’s servant leadership was evident when she went to provide assistance to the victims of 2017’s disastrous hurricane season. Team Rubicon was seeking veterans, medical personnel and civilians to provide boots-on-the-ground support, and she was prepared to answer the call. Thank you for your service and contributions, Lisa. We’re glad that you chose Travelers for your civilian career.

Matt Brode
IT Project Manager
Army Veteran
Member of the National Reserve


Matt was recruited here to Travelers while he was still within the military. Once he learned more about what we had to offer, he could see that there were multiple options immediately available along with noticeable room for growth.

“The confidence and skills I’ve obtained from the Army do translate to civilian world,” he says. “Working within a team, being a leader, promptness, calculating risk and communication are just some of the skills that you develop as a soldier, skills that are never lost when you decide to leave the service.”

“I was quickly connected with a few mentors that really helped me understand my line of work, as well the Travelers culture,” Matt continues. “Additionally, I attended a Military and Veterans Diversity Network event the first week and was able to connect with veterans just like myself. Bottom line? There isn’t an employee at the company who wouldn’t go out of their way to help you out.”

When Matt was deployed on his second tour of duty with the Reserves, he could tell that we missed him. Packages, emails and phone calls from his coworkers, and even our CEO, were a reminder that he had a great company and great job waiting for him back home. Thank you for your service, Matt. We appreciate all that you do.

Charles Schaber
RVP, Southern Region Boiler and Machinery Division
Navy Propulsion Engineering
Petty Officer Second Class (E5) Boiler Technician


Charles served in the Navy from January 1982 to January 1987. In his role as a Petty Officer Second Class (E5) Boiler Technician, he helped operate and maintain Superheat Boilers and all other associated equipment on his ship. Today, he oversees a team that underwrites boiler and machinery policies for Travelers’ agents, brokers and reinsurance clients.

“All of the equipment I was trained to operate and service, we now insure through our policies,” Charles explains. “The education and experience I acquired in the Navy qualified me become certified as a National Board Boiler and Pressure Vessel Commission Inspector, and ultimately led to an opportunity at Travelers. I chose Travelers back then, 23 years ago, because they were a first-class insurance company. And they still are today.”

Charles’ military experience also prepared him to succeed in other ways. He learned a lot about people from different backgrounds and places, and as well as how to lead people in mission-critical work. Thank you for your service, Charles. You are a perfect example of how seemingly unlikely military experience can be a perfect match at Travelers.


Maria Iishiba
Account Manager, Inland Marine
4th Brigade 9th Training Division
Army First Lieutenant and Reservist

Maria served as a paralegal for three years of active duty, before transferring to the Army Reserves. She has since been commissioned as an Officer in the Reserves, now serving as a First Lieutenant and Headquarters Company Commander with a military specialty in Human Resources.

Her role includes advising, planning, coordinating and supervising military operations and strategy, ensuring technical and tactical proficiency, readiness, health and welfare, physical fitness, professional development, and morale. All of which makes her well-suited to her role as an Account Manager.

“The experience, skill and resiliency you gain from being in the Army helps you quickly adapt, think critically, and make smart decisions,” states Maria. “I am easily able to deal with stressful situations and overcome challenges and conflict. Plus, the military is very diverse and you learn to embrace diversity and collaborate and work together to accomplish the mission.”

After separating from active duty, Maria took advantage of America’s Corporate Partners mentorship program. She was matched with a mentor who provided information on the opportunities within the insurance industry. “I was aware that Travelers supported the hiring of military,” Maria continues, “but was amazed how much above and beyond the company goes to support their employees that are serving in the Reserves and National Guard.”

She was soon hired for a Claim Operations Specialist position at Travelers, and has since advanced her career with us. Thank you for your service, Maria. We are proud to support your civilian and military goals.