Insurance employee

Insurance Specialty

The needs of our customers are unique, the talent we need to fulfill those needs is too. Our team members leverage their specialized insurance expertise help to establish risk tables, conduct high-level investigations and develop profitable products and pricing models to keep our business on the cusp of what’s new and what’s next.



Risk Control Lab
Risk Control operates a state of the art, fully accredited Forensic Investigation and Industrial Hygiene Laboratory. Forensic engineers provide large loss, investigative support while honing critical skills and industry techniques.



Next Available Trainer (NAT)
When Agents who manage our Small Commercial accounts are in need of support, the NAT program allows them to connect with Travelers employee mentors who provide training and assist them in fulfilling our customers’ needs. A peer to peer approach ensures the very best experience for both our customers and our employees.



Prepare and Prevent
We provide the resources that our customers and employees need to stay ahead of risk. From fire prevention to developing a data breach response plan, our team members don’t just rise to meet threats, they are subject matter experts when it comes to avoiding them all together.

What Our People Are Saying

“The foundation of our culture is ingrained with teamwork and individual development. What I love most is the challenge to analyze complex business problems, leverage data and create innovative solutions to be implemented in the marketplace.”

Amanda, Personal Insurance Product Manager

Lines of Business

  • Inland Marine: Protection for a business’ property that is mobile in nature or requires unique support and valuation for the construction, transportation, fine art and renewable energy industries.
  • Ocean Marine: We have been underwriting the world’s oldest form of insurance for commercial vessels and cargo since 1853. This group provides a wide range of individualized property-liability coverage for international and inland shipping by land, sea and air.
  • Environmental: Businesses face new and historical environmental exposures that pose as significant risk. Adequate protection is critical as is the knowledge needed to assess and adhere to environmental policy and standards.
  • Construction: Hands-on construction experience and an extensive knowledge of the issues that impact contractors and the industry enable our team members to provide exceptional service as it relates to policy coverage and claim handling.
  • Cyber: As technology becomes more complex, so do the threats our customers face. We protect against a multitude of risks and have resources dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness.
  • Boiler and Machinery: Equipment functionality is at the heart of production for some of our customers. We ensure that they are protected against damage and financial loss to keep their business running smoothly.
  • Oil and Gas: The exposures within the oil and gas industry are constantly evolving. We have developed a specialized expertise to help our customers protect their employees, physical assets, balance sheets and long term viability.