Our strategy is one that is driven by informed forecasting, competitive analysis and the pursuit of new ventures that will generate sustainable growth over time. Our corporate teams operate collectively while securing a 360 degree vantage point of enterprise objectives, needs and strategies.



Enterprise Organization Effectiveness
Our Enterprise Organization Effectiveness group partners with leaders across the enterprise to identify and implement development solutions to meet business challenges as well as individual, team and organization effectiveness.



Business Continuity
Our Business Continuity Management team takes measures to ensure “business as usual” when potential interruptions arise. They facilitate annual risk reviews to maintain a continuous improvement philosophy across all operational aspects of the organization.



Our Corporate Auditors provide objective, independent, risk-based internal control evaluations to ensure business quality and efficiency.

Lines of Business

Our corporate teams are made up of diversified experiences and perspectives. Ambition, creative thinking and a passion for developing partnerships are key qualities to success and help us to ensure that we are keeping what is best for the organization at the forefront of our strategy.

  • Human Resources: Intuitive decision-making and a “people first” approach to processes and operations, our HR organization is dedicated to securing a community founded upon respect and integrity.
  • Finance: Vital business functions are dependent upon our financial teams’ abilities to provide accurate forecasts, recommendations based on analytical thinking and strategic planning.
  • Legal: Compliance and the adherence to industry standards enable us to pursue a thoughtful and informed approach to objective setting and strategies.
  • Audit: We always strive to do the right thing for the right reason through the application of the right tactics. Our auditors work to ensure that we are taking that approach across every line of business.
  • Marketing: We have a great story to tell and our Marketing teams provide us with the expertise needed to share it authentically.