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Technology & Analytics

Through design thinking and creative problem-solving, our team members are changing the ways in which we think about and conduct business. We’re challenging the status-quo and generating efficiency through transformative disruption.



Travelers Innovation Center
Through cross-functional initiatives, online certification courses and team collaboration, you’ll hone the skills you need to influence strategy and approach.



Connected Workforce
Enabling business agility through collaborative workspaces and interactive technologies continues to empower us to meet the evolving needs of our business partners and customers.



An Employee Driven Approach
When it comes to the generation of new ideas, our employees are the most valuable resource. We are constantly asking ourselves, “what’s next?”, and turning toward Think Tank discussions, Innovation Jams and Hackathons in an effort to uncover the answers.

What Our People Are Saying

"Within Technology & Operations at Travelers, we are encouraged to continuously learn new methods and technology for gathering, storing, and delivering data. Being able to take advantage of the learning offered will keep my skills relevant in a rapidly changing environment allowing me to take my career as far as I want to go.”

Nicolle, Sr. Software Programmer

What Our People Are Saying

“We develop product solutions and analyze the potential application of AI and anomaly detection methodologies. We’re really impacting the way Travelers conducts business and supports both employees and customers.”

Louise, Product Director

What Our People Are Saying

"Insurance is an industry that is centered on 'social good.' I particularly enjoy working in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The outcomes are centered on helping our employees do their jobs more efficiently. That's good news for our customers."

Hoa, Second Vice President, Architecture

What Our People Are Saying

“I worked with a team of other UX specialists, product owners and developers to re-launch a payment application. It was a big lift but one that had direct impact on the business. Seeing the work and its effects come to life has been really rewarding.”

Abigail, Sr. UX Design Lead

Innovate to Transform

Whether you are a Data Scientist exploring deep learning, or a Product Director enhancing anomaly detection, your curiosity will drive us toward the solutions that help us to better serve our employees and our customers.

  • Artificial Intelligence: From claim handling to fraud detection, we are constantly researching the ways in which AI can be applied to our business.
  • Machine Learning: By using statistical techniques and pattern recognition, we are able to develop algorithms and predictive analytics to anticipate the needs of our customers.
  • Architecture: The timely and efficient delivery of information is a business imperative. Our Architects rely on open technology standards and interoperability to ensure that both current and future enterprise objectives are capable of being met.
  • Engineering: Technological expertise and a methodical, solution-oriented approach to problem solving are the engineering capabilities that propel us forward.
  • Data Science: Data collection, pattern recognition and the evaluation of historical intel provide us with a holistic view of risk assessment and analysis.
  • Geo-Spatial: GIS is enhancing our abilities to predict and analyze risk through the delivery of real-time data.
  • Predictive Analytics: Through pattern detection, algorithmic application and historical analysis, we are able to pursue a proactive approach in the areas of Underwriting, Pricing/Rating and Claim.

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