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Discovering Common Purpose: Veterans and Military Families on the Rewards of Civic Engagement

On a recent Citizen Travelers, Travelers Institute webinar, Cory Johnson, Co-Chair of the Travelers Military/Veterans and Allies Diversity Network, and Janice Brunner, Group General Counsel and Head of Civic Engagement at Travelers, were joined by Ellen Gustafson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of We the Veterans and Military Families, to explore the rewards of civic engagement for veterans and military families.

Zack Maxey: The Transition from U.S. Navy to Travelers

As U.S. Navy veteran Zack Maxey approached the end of his 20-year military career, he participated in two veteran programs that afforded him the time and the stability to establish connections and gain valuable civilian work experience. This ultimately led him to employment at Travelers.
Read on to discover how Zack, now a Business Systems Analyst, navigated his transition and the advice he offers those who are approaching or beginning the process of bridging the gap between military service and civilian work.